lemonish.net is best described simply as "my website." I put anything and everything of mine (and some things that aren't mine, but that I dug up) that I deem web-worthy here. It's also something that I work on just for fun; I started writing entire webpages from scratch in July 2019 on neocities.org, and have kept working at them since then. "lemonish" (as you have no doubt guessed) refers to something with a vaguely citrus-sour flavor; in 2042, when H invents a desktop monitor that secretes flavored mist, you will discover the appropriateness of this domain name for yourself.

It's worth noting that I work to keep this website compatible with browsers as old as Internet Explorer 4.0. When making my webpages, I cross-reference their appearance and function in Google Chrome on Windows 10, Internet Explorer 4.0 on Windows 2000, and both Classilla and Internet Explorer 4.0 on Mac OS 9. Since some of the content hosted here is intended to be used on or viewed with old operating systems, this is done so that said content can be accessed directly from the browsers compatible with those old OSs. (Believe me, I know all too well the unbearable pain that transferring files from old systems to new systems is...)

If you have any comments, questions, or other things to say about this website, absolutely do not hesitate to contact me about them! I'd be happy to answer them. Really. Truly. Honestly. That box isn't exactly bursting with mail, so even stupid messages are (at least somewhat) appreciated.

I have a lot less to say about myself than I do my website, other than "I'm Leon." Here's a neat little table with everything you don't need to know about the webmaster:

Locale Wisconsin, USA
Birthday April 3
Occupation Student
Class Sorcerer
Interests The dot-com bubble, dated aesthetics, eccentric GUI design, obsolete software, vintage computers, old-school 3D renders, most any means of digital design (graphic, print, web, UI, etc.), HTML, CSS and JS, '90s and 2000s popular culture, video games, animation
(Look them up!)
Global Village Coffeehouse, Corporate Gen-X Cyber, MetaCreations Corp., Bryce 3D, Happy99, the Y2K problem, Computer Chronicles, Hypnospace Outlaw
Self-Descriptive Blinkies

That's all I can think to put here (for now)! Thanks for swinging by this page, uninteresting as you may find it.

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