Hypnospace Outlaw (also available on itch.io and GOG!) is a game that's hard to describe-in a really good way. The game is set in an alternate version of our universe (read: our universe but with different companies, brands, music, pop culture, etc.) in 1999 and cenetered around Hypnospace, a service that allows users to access a GeoCities-type Internet portal and use the HypnOS operating system in their sleep. You play as an Enforcer (a moderator) on Hypnospace, surfing this fictional sleep-web for content that violates its rules. What really makes Hypnospace shine is its adherence to the aesthetics of the era it takes place in (and its ability to effortlessly fuse these with its own unique stylistic choices), as well as the fact that it is not a parody or mockery of the web of old but rather a celebration of it. It also has an amazing story-I won't spoil it, but both the main story and its subplots are funny, heartwrenching, and captivating.

Now that my gushing is over with (sorry), here are some resources and extra goodies related to the game that I've compiled. Things marked with an asterisk* are ones that I made or helped make, so you can reach out to me with inquiries related to them.

"I know several incredible people that I previously did not.
I finally experienced Hypnospace and the beauty its citizens brought into the world for myself."
- Dylan Merchant